Private Money Lending Platform : $500,000 – $3 Million.
Close in 21 Days

GenX Capital Partners private lending platform was created for real estate investors & developers looking for a fast alternative to the cumbersome, restrictive bank lending process. Our well capitalized, DIRECT LENDING “Private Money” program allows us to expeditiously fund viable projects from $500K to $3MM, with investment committee approval and closings in 21 days. MINIMAL PAPERWORK.

Private Money Lending Program

Geography                     Nationwide

Financing Type               First Lien Only

Credit Score                   Non Applicable

Loan Size                         $500K – $3MM

Points                               Negotiable

Rate                                  9% Floor, but deal specific

LTV                                   up to 75% LTV and 100% Rehab

Term                                 3 Months to 2 Years

Amortization                   INT Only

Recourse                          Non-recourse available

Prepayment                     Typically 6 Months

Project Type                    5 core classes of assets

To submit a deal for initial review please send along the following

  • Executive Summary
  • Sources and Uses
  • Sponsor Bios

The Process

If the loan fits our parameters we will immediately issue a term sheet and close in 2 weeks or less.